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Home Hemorrhoid Relief

Millions of people suffer from hemorrhoids and are searching for a home hemorrhoid relief. It is stated that nearly 50% of the population suffer from hemorrhoid problems and that this is distributed evenly between men and women. Hemorrhoids are inflamed, swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus.

They are a health problem that is very common and aren’t usually a serious problem. About 4% are a serious problem and may need some form of corrective surgery to fix them.

Too much pressure in the rectum area forces blood into the small vessels around the anus and they swell under this pressure sometimes to the point of breaking or bleeding. There are many causes of hemorrhoids such as obesity, diarrhea, straining on the toilet, sitting too long on the toilet, childbirth or a family tendency. They may increase as we start to get older and then eventually diminish.

Hemorrhoid symptoms may include one or more of the following problems in the rectal area:

swelling, lumps or bulges
itching or irritation

There are internal and external hemorrhoids.
Internal hemorrhoids are often present without us even knowing they are there until we see bleeding or blood in the stool. These may become large enough to protrude from the rectum and will usually go back inside on their own.

External hemorrhoids are the cause of most problems. These create the lumps, swelling, itching, burning and can be very painful.

There are actions we can take to reduce or prevent hemorrhoids. these include:

Diet – Eat more fiber, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
Drink – Make sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.
Exercise – Regular daily exercise.
Shorter toilet breaks – The toilet is not the place to sit and read your favorite magazine.
The use of more gentile material to wipe with, such as baby wipes.
Don’t sit for long periods of time without taking a break to stand and walk around.
Avoid lifting heavy objects.

There are some hemorrhoids that need surgery but for most it is an unnecessary procedure. There are several types of surgery such as banding where the vessel closed off with a rubber band until it dies and falls away. Some swollen vessels can be injected with a substance to shrink the vessel.

Home hemorrhoid relief can be found with a homeopathy remedy such as venapro. This is an all natural formula that starts working immediately with no known side effects. It helps shrink the swelling, stop the itching and allow the body to heal.

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